Brett and Chawna’s Wedding

On May 21, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Chawna Schroeder and Brett Beaupre.  The wedding was held in Door County, Wisconsin.  The weather was pretty sketchy all weekend but the rain was nice enough to hold off during the important parts.  The wedding ceremony was at Ellison Bay Bluff in Fish Creek and was absolutely beautiful.  The reception was held inside of a barn located on the property where we stayed for the weekend.  Sometimes, when you hear that a reception was held in a barn, that tends to draw a confused look, but believe me when I say that the vision that Chawna had for this reception was pulled off marvelously!!!  I was not the official photographer for this event, but I did manage to grab some shots of the groomsmen receiving their gifts, the beautiful couple, and the barn after being set up for the reception. There was a pleasant surprise sitting behind the barn in the form of a 1952 Chevy pickup.  I couldn’t help but grab a few shots of that as well!

You’ll notice a fish theme developing throughout the event.  Brett is an avid musky fisherman.  He enjoys it so much that he chose a weekend of musky fishing for his bachelor party.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend even though the only thing I caught was a light case of sunburn.  This couple was very fun to photograph as they are very photogenic so they could just be themselves in front of the camera.  I would like to congratulate Chawna and Brett and wish them nothing but happiness as they begin this chapter of their life together.


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