Baby Natalie

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of Scott and Kristin Ford’s newborn baby Natalie.  I’ve known Scott for a good while now and would definitely consider him a close friend of mine.  I was more than happy to do a photo shoot with his wife and beautiful baby daughter.  You never know what to expect when photographing children.  As a photographer, we have to go into a child photo shoot knowing that absolutely anything can happen and there’s only so much you can control.  Will babies and toddlers, the unknown factor is there but surprisingly not as bad.  Babies will either just kind of lay there, look around, and just kind of take everything in, or sleep.  There may be some crying in there every now and then but no matter what they do, they’ll be adorable while doing it!  Natalie was no exception.  Whether she was gazing with those enormous blue eyes, snoozing, or getting annoyed at being posed for shot after shot, she was adorable the entire time.  I really looked forward to going through the pictures from the shoot and I’m happy with how they turned out.  I hope Scott and Kristin are as happy as I am with them!  Here are a few of the images from that shoot.  To view the entire gallery, go here.


Natalie-5 Natalie-15 Natalie-6 Natalie-1-2 Natalie-32



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