Sneak peek…….Corey and Russ’s engagement shoot

Last week, I got to do part 1 (I’ll explain later) of an engagement shoot that I’ve been looking forward to shooting for a while.  Russ, who is a buddy of mine that I’ve known for quite a few years now, and his beautiful bride-to-be, Corey were an absolute blast to shoot.  They have the kind of chemistry that photographers love, because you can literally just tell them “Go walk over there and be yourselves” and they’ll do just that.  That will, in turn, provide you with countless photo opportunities that you just can’t get with staged pictures.

I should probably explain why this was only part 1 of the shoot.  We had the shoot scheduled on a Friday evening.  I spent all day peeking out of windows and checking Accuweather to make sure that the rain would stay away.  It rained for much of the week so I was a little skeptical about the weather holding up.  It got to be late Friday afternoon and was looking up at blue skies so I started to get excited that the skies may actually cooperate with us!  We came across an unexpected hitch at the last second.  We had planned on a couple of locations right off the lake.  On my drive home, I encountered something that formed a pit in my stomach.  I drove right into a thick wall of fog.  About two minutes after I walked in the door, I got a call from Russ, who had encountered the same unfortunate weather occurrence.  We tossed around different ideas and settled on moving the location to Whitnall Park and then doing a “Part 2” shoot using the original plan.  I’m quite happy with the shots we got at Whitnall Park, especially since that location ended up being a game-time decision.  I’ll post the pictures from both sessions after part 2 takes place but I wanted to give Corey and Russ a sneak preview of a few of the shots we got at the park.  Hope you two had as much fun as I did.  I’m looking forward to part 2!!


RussNCorey-3 RussNCorey-2 RussNCorey-1 RussNCorey-5

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