Corey and Russ Part 2…..

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Part 1 of Corey and Russ’s engagement shoot.  We shot Part 2 this past Thursday and I must say, it was friggen AWESOME!!  The weather was absolutely perfect, the couple looked awesome and the setting was absolutely amazing.  The part I didn’t tell you all about part 1 was the location that the shoot was SUPPOSED to take place.  Corey is a member of the US Coast Guard and managed to pull a couple of strings and get us onto a Coast Guard boat for the shoot.  This isn’t just any old ordinary row boat here.  This is a 45 foot Response Boat.  To be specific, It was this bad boy right here:


To be completely honest, I could do a blog post about the boat alone so let’s get back to the shoot.  I was already pumped about the shoot but I was really looking forward to getting some angles of the skyline that you just can’t get without a boat.  We were not disappointed.  We stopped in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum and got some shots there.  Then I faced the other way and got some shots with the sun at my back with gave me some gorgeous golden light!  I swear Russ and Corey have spent time in front of a camera before because they really did seem very comfortable there.  It really was a pleasure doing this engagement shoot.  I want to congratulate Corey and Russ again and I’m looking forward to shooting the wedding!!!:)

RussNCoreypt2-7 RussNCoreypt2-6 RussNCoreypt2-5 RussNCoreypt2-4 RussNCoreypt2-3 RussNCoreypt2-1

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