Amy and Shaun’s engagement shoot

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to shoot Amy and Shaun’s engagement pictures.  They chose the Grant Park, Seven Bridges area for the setting of the shoot.  We actually lucked out as far as timing goes.  The weather had been gray and chilly and generally pretty crappy for  the days leading up to the shoot.  We originally scheduled the shoot for Saturday but got rained out.  We rescheduled for Sunday morning and while it was still pretty chilly out, the skies stayed blue long enough for us to walk a good amount of the trail and get quite a few shots with the fall colors moving in.  I’m guessing that many other local photographers were fighting the weeks weather conditions and rescheduled for that time and place as well because there were other photographers EVERYWHERE!!   I think we ran into at least 7 or 8 other groups in the area involved in various shoots.  There were so many other photographers out that we were all pretty much tripping over each other as we moved throughout the various photogenic areas.  It was actually quite entertaining since we all clearly had the same idea and were trying to get our shoots in before the weather took a turn for the worse.  Even with the crowds, we still had a complete blast and I’m really looking forward to shooting the wedding.


AmyNShaun--5 AmyNShaun--4 AmyNShaun--2 AmyNShaun- AmyNShaun--6

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