Favorite Fall Locations……

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to do some shooting in some pretty cool locations. I’m starting to figure out what locations really provide opportunities for some cool fall pictures. This past weekend, some friends and I went up to Peninsula State Park in Door County and I did a bit of shooting up there. I don’t get to make up there too often so when I do, I definitely like to bring a camera along. Unfortunately, there were a LOT of tourists up there that weekend. I think the fact that this past weekend was the peak of the fall colors had a lot to do with how busy it was. Most of Wisconsin looks to be at or near the peak of fall colors so take advantage while the colors are here! The week before that, I did an engagement shoot on the Seven Bridges trail in Grant Park. The colors weren’t quite peaking there just yet so I’d like to get back there soon and do a bit more shooting before the trees start looking bare. In the next couple weeks, I’d like to do some shooting in a few other locations to get an idea of how photogenic they are while there are still some leaves on the trees. I’ll do a blog post highlighting those locations. If anyone has any feedback to give or any suggestions on great fall locations, feel free to send them my way!

DoorCnty-1 10-16Blog-2 DoorCnty-2 DoorCnty-1-2 AmyNShaun--4

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