Nikki and Dave’s OFFICIAL maternity shoot

You may remember a blog post from back in July about an interesting Sunday I experienced with some close friends of mine, Nikki and Dave Jodat.  This past Sunday, we set out to do the official maternity shoot.  It ended up being a gorgeous fall day.  We timed the shoot perfectly and managed to get a lot of good light as the sun was inching closer to the horizon.  There were only a few clouds in the sky so we really couldn’t ask for a better afternoon.  I’m really glad we had such a beautiful setting to get out and shoot pictures because we had originally planned on doing the shoot while we were up in Door County a couple weekends ago.  Unfortunately, everyone else on earth was also on vacation in Door County that weekend so we might as well have tried to get the shoot done in a New York subway since it would’ve been just as crowded.

This past Sunday, we headed out to the Seven Bridges area.  It seems like I’ve been spending quite a bit of time there lately, but it really is a perfect location for fall colors.  It also holds some sentimental value with Nikki and Dave since that is the location where they took their wedding photos.  Once again, it was filled with other photographers knee deep in their own photo shoots so I got more practice working with the added dimension of traffic from other photographers.  I really do like this location a lot so I don’t mind the traffic at all.  Since I just did an engagement shoot at that location a few weeks ago, I wanted to make sure that the look was completely different.  I didn’t want to duplicate any of the same shots so that helped really get the creative juices flowing.  That along with the fact that Nikki and Dave are naturals in front of the camera (no matter how much Dave may deny it!) produced some shots I think Nikki and Dave will really like.  Here is a little teaser of what to expect from Nikki and Dave’s maternity shoot.

NikkiNDave2-4 NikkiNDave2-1NikkiNDave2-5


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