A few tips for cold weather photography…….

This week’s blog post will be one that my other fellow photographers can use.  Just because the winter season is slowly inching its way into our lives, that doesn’t mean that you have to put the camera away for the year!  There are still beautiful images to be made in the winter!  Here are a few tips for shooting in cold weather that could help along the way!  I learned these tips from another pro photographer who I’ve learned a great deal from named Jimmy Beltz.

  1. Prepare your camera for the temperature changes from being warm to being cold by leaving your camera in the bag, but loosening the top. This will allow some of the colder air to come in and the temperature changes to be more gradual. This will keep condensation from forming. Do the same thing when bringing your gear in from the cold.
  2. Make sure your batteries are fully charged, and if you bring an extra set, keep those close to your body. The cold saps power quickly. More accurately, it slows down the movement of electrons and the chemical process that takes place in order to produce energy. It is why you want to store alkaline batteries in the fridge. If you only have one battery and it drains too quickly because of the cold, just put it in your pocket and warm it back up with your body heat. It will regain some charge.
  3. Avoid changing lenses outdoors in the snow, or even the presence of a snowy environment. The last thing you want is for any moisture to gain access to the inside of your camera.
  4. Even pro cameras, that are environmentally sealed, need some help. Consider a cheap rain cover for an added extra layer of protection. See below for some options.
  5. Fingerless gloves allow you to keep your hands warm, but still give you the touch needed for buttons and dials on your camera. However, this is depending on how cold it is. Extreme temperatures can result in frost bite. So use good judgement here.


These are some solid photography tips to live by in the winter months.  These can make your shooting experience more enjoyable and actually keep you from breaking your stuff!!  Keep these tips in mind when you see some snow on the ground and get out there and get to shooting!!

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