Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

This weeks blog post is going to be short and sweet for a couple reasons.  Firstly, today is a day to be enjoyed with family so I definitely don’t want to take too much of your time.  Secondly, I made the mistake of writing this blog post AFTER eating Thanksgiving dinner so I’m only a few prolonged eye blinks away from a nap!!  I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone got the opportunity to spend some quality time with their families and really cherish those times because that’s what these holidays are all about.  I hope everyone got the chance to partake in some delicious Thanksgiving Day eatery!! I’m definitely thankful for the opportunity to learn as much as I did this past year about making this photography thing grow.  I’m thankful for both the positive and negative things that were learned and experienced because they’re all opportunities to learn and better myself as a person, a photographer, and a businessman.  I’m also thankful for everybody that reads these blogs.  Please continue to offer feedback because that’s really what helps me learn and grow.  Thanks again everyone and don’t forget the Not Really Black Friday sale going on now.  If you haven’t seen the post about that, take a look at last weeks entry.  As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya next week.

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