Year 2014 in review……

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Looking back at the photos from the year, I try to find things to focus on improving for the upcoming year.  For 2015, my focus will be lighting.  I want to improve my lighting setup significantly.  I think this will improve the overall quality of the images especially during weddings where I encounter very dynamic natural lighting situations.  That being said, I think I made some progress in my creativity this year and am very proud of the work I’ve done.  Below, you’ll see some of my top picks of the year.  I think one of the major improvements I’ve made this year was starting this blog.  I’ve found that I really enjoy writing about what I do and I really appreciate when readers respond to the blog posts with comments or emails so definitely keep that coming.  I’m also going to focus on improving this blog this year so look forward to some pleasant improvements in this little corner of the interwebs.  Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for checking in with me on my journey and I’m really looking forward to finding out what’s in store for 2015.

AmyNShaun--3 NikkiNDave2-4 RussNCorey-3 Natalie-32 DSC_4018 NikkiNDave2-20DSC_6165 AmyNShaun- RussNCorey-4


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