Baby Owen shoot Part 2……

A few weeks ago, I posted a handful of pictures of Nikki and Dave Jodat’s new baby boy, Owen.  We learned that Owen wasn’t a huge fan of being the subject of a photo shoot that evening.  The good thing about being close friends with Nikki and Dave is that we easily rescheduled a second day for me to come by (conveniently, they’re right across the street from me) and take some more pictures of the little guy.  Since my daughter, Brianna, is now 11 years old, I forgot just how fast newborns grow.  Owen is definitely a growing baby boy!  The cool thing about this second session is that Owen has now began to smile.  There really is nothing more precious than when a newborn just begins to start smiling.  It took a bit of coaxing but Nikki was able to get a couple of smiles from Owen.  The little guy really is adorable.  Dave wasn’t available so I will most likely have a small “Part 3” session to get a few more shots with him and Owen.  Here is a handful of shots from Part 2 of Owen’s photo shoot.  I’ll make a blog post when I finish all of his images and post them to my website.


BabyOwen-3 BabyOwen-2 BabyOwen-1

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