Costs of starting a photography business…..

This weeks blog post will be geared towards photographers.  Specifically, other photographers that may be looking to venture into starting a business.  There are many different things to address when going down the path of starting a business.  I’ve been growing my business for years now and I by no means know it all.  I’m still learning but I’ve learned enough to be able to pass on some experiences to someone else who may be looking at diving in.  One of the things that people may be shocked to find out is the price of starting the business.


There is a LOT involved with getting a photography business going.  I was initially going to create this LOOONG list of stuff that one could need/want but I noticed that one of the other blogs I read already did that so instead of recreating that info, I’m going to provide a link to that blog post.  It is pretty accurate and I agree with most, if not all, of the info there.  If you have any gear questions or just want to chat about the long journey of getting a photography business off the ground, don’t hesitate to give me a shout, but be prepared for me to probably talk your ear off because I can yap for hours about it! 🙂

The costs of starting a photography business

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