A little experiment……

In case you think I forgot about you guys this week, rest easy!  I’m actually doing a bit of an experiment.  For the next month or so, I’m going to publish my blog on Friday, late mornings AND repost them on Friday evenings.  This experiment is to see what the difference in engagement will be.  If I see a positive difference, I’ll probably make the move a permanent one.  This is one of the many different things I’m learning about when trying to tackle marketing.  There is SO much that goes into effective marketing that it’s quite possible to drive yourself crazy.  If you’re just starting, here are a few ideas to get your marketing gears turning.  These have been a good start for me and have produced positive results.


Blogging is a great way to get your name out there.  Blogging also keeps fresh content out there.  Some of the keys to blogging is to decide who your audience is and keep that in mind EVERY TIME you post.  Speaking of “every time” you post, make sure that the frequency of your posts stays constant (unless you’re making tweaks for a specific reason).  If you start posting once a week, then after a few months, you forget and let it slide for a few weeks, you’ll really lose engagement with your audience.  If people go to your site after a decent chunk of time and don’t see new content, they begin to assume that they WON’T see any new content in the future.  That hurts your brand name.  If you’re going to blog, stay dedicated to it.


This is an even better way to get your name out there and also get some 1-on-1 face time with your community.  Do some volunteer work with a couple of organizations and not only do you get the opportunity to get your face and your brand out there, you get to give something back, which is always a good thing.  Many times, your volunteer efforts will open doors for future work because it helps you build relationships with other professionals who may either want your services or even refer you to people they know.


This one is a no brainer!!  Posting images and tagging your clients is an excellent way of getting your work out there because your clients “friends” then see your images because of the tags on them.  If you have a business page, invite your clients to tag themselves and their friends.  The more eyes that see your work, the better!  Be sure to also post links to your blog on your Facebook page.  Many blogging platforms will publish your blog posts to the social media sites of your choosing so take advantage of that!


Word of mouth advertising is one of the most potent ways of promoting your business.  One way to encourage that is by offering referral bonuses to people who spread the word about how good of an experience they had working with you.  A referral from a friend is a powerful influence on many purchasing decisions.  You’d be surprised how many sizable purchases are made based off of a good experience a friend had or a positive review of a product.  That means that word of mouth WORKS and is much to powerful of a tool to ignore!

Feel free to share other marketing tools that may have worked for you.  Even if your marketing tool has nothing to do with photography, share it anyway.  I’m sure that with some slight modifications, it can help everybody!


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