New to photography or just interested in learning more and improving your skills?

This week’s blog post will be geared towards those who are either new to photography or are just looking to improve their skill set and are looking for a place where they can go to find almost any photography related tutorials one might need.  I remember how overwhelmed I was when I first began to learn photography and how easy it was to feel like I was drowning in information.  There were a few websites out there that really helped make things simple and made learning photography a lot less stressful.  The one I’m going to discuss today is The Digital Photography School.  This website is one of the first ones I found and really helped me with learning different techniques and becoming more comfortable with my camera.  It’s really important to know how your camera functions so I would highly suggest reading your manual cover to cover, HOWEVER, let’s keep it real here.  Reading a camera manual cover to cover is about as exciting as watching water evaporate so when you’re not quite in the mood for reading the manual, head on over to The Digital Photography School and read some of the articles there.  They really have done a great job of providing solid information while making the information really easy to read and digest.  After you learn a new technique, go out and try it right away!  The feeling you get from finding success after trying a new technique is awesome and is one of the best ways to retain the information you learn.  Keep in mind that I’m not sponsored by The Digital Photography School or anything like that.  I just wanted to pass on this information to someone who may be in a rut with learning photography.  If you have any questions about finding info or just need a hand with figuring out how to do something, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.  You can leave a comment here, over on my facebook page, or you can get a hold of me from my website here.

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