Becoming a more successful photographer……

Last week, I talked about a great website that has a wealth of information regarding photography basics, techniques, and other learning tools.  This week, I’m gonna point you to another website that is also a great learning tool and also has some articles and discussions about the business side of things.  The website is called  If you are a photographer and find yourself in a position where you’re not really progressing like you want to or you’re feeling like you’re in a photographic rut, I’d like you to check out this article here.  It has some helpful tips that could help you be more successful in this business.  Photography isn’t the easiest profession out there to get established in and we all could use some helpful words of advice every now and then.  Check out that site and do some poking around and feel free to let me know what you think about it.  If you know of some other photography sites out there that could be beneficial, feel free to comment about them!!  Thanks for stopping by this week! 🙂

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