A cool little photography trick…….

Have you ever seen something really cool you wanted to take a picture of but were immediately disappointed by the fact that there was a big ol’ fence between you and the cool something?  I know for a fact that I’ve been there.  Here’s a cool, super simple little trick that’ll help you deal with that fence.  It also applies to window screens as I’ll demonstrate shortly.

If you find yourself in a situation where a fence divides you and a potential subject, just walk right up to that fence, focus on your subject and shoot.  It’s really that simple!  The key here is to make sure you are as close to the fence as possible.  As long as your subject has some distance between it and the fence, the fence will magically disappear when you focus on the subject.  It won’t even matter if one of the links in the fence happens to be crossing directly through the middle of your field of view.  Once you focus on your subject, the fence will blur completely away from view.  This shot of a B-1 bomber was shot through a fence at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.  I just walked up to the fence and focused on the plane and hit the shutter!


The trick works with window screens too.  Just hold your camera as close to the screen as you can, focus past it and fire away!  The further away your subject, the better.  This is a shot of a crab apple tree outside of my window and below it is a picture of the screen that I’m shooting through.



So, the next time you’re out shooting, don’t let a fence come between you and a great shot!!  Thanks for checking out the blog and I’ll see ya next week!

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