Phottix Review and Upcoming Wedding……


Now that I’ve had a week to play around with the Phottix Odin remote flash trigger system, I’ve been able to form an opinion and give an accurate review of it.  Let me start by saying that Phottix is NOT a sponsor in any way (but I’d be more than happy to take them on as a sponsor if they were interested 😀 ).  I have come to the strong conclusion that I will have NO NEED to go with any other remote flash trigger system.  The Phottix Odin kit is so easy to use, it’s almost silly.  I opened the boxes, mounted the control unit on the camera and mounted the receivers on the flashes and was off and shooting within about 15 minutes.  The controls are really straightforward.  You can separate your remote flashes into three groups and control the power and zoom of each group individually and doing this is really simple on the camera mounted control unit.  If you’re familiar with Nikon’s flashes, you know that you can already use them in commander mode to trigger other flashes.  The problem with that is that the Nikon commander system uses infra-red to trigger the other flashes meaning you must have line-of-sight from your commander unit and other remote flashes.  You’d be surprised at how limiting that can be.  The Phottix system is radio triggered, which doesn’t require line-of-sight at all so you can tuck it behind stuff to illuminate backgrounds or provide rim light while keeping it out of view in your picture.  If you do have any questions about operating the system, every box you receive from Phottix has an instruction disc included that has a digital manual that is easy to navigate and understand.  If you decide to pick up the system, I would suggest checking it out so you’ll be completely familiar with all that you’re capable of with this system.


I sprung for the Phottix Mitros flash as well.  This flash is so sweet!  It’s basically a Nikon SB900 with a built-in Phottix transmitter AND receiver!  I can have the flash mounted on the hot shoe of the camera as my primary flash and have it trigger other remote flashes, or I can mount it somewhere else and trigger it along with the other remote flashes using the Phottix Odin transmitter.  The user interface of the Phottix Mitros has all of the flash controls that you’d need along with the interface from the Phottix Odin transmitter so you can control your remote flashes as well.  The entire kit is TTL and high speed sync compatible so it really does open up your flash photography to a whole new world of creativity!  This brings me to my plans for this upcoming weekend.


Remember that engagement shoot I did for Corey and Russ last year that included that super cool Coast Guard boat?  Their wedding is this weekend at the Pfister hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to shoot that wedding.  I’ve gone down to the hotel a few times to scout the lighting and shooting locations and I’m so pumped to use the Phottix remote trigger system to create some awesome images.  I “may” have a couple of teaser images in next weeks blog post so stay tuned!  As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya next week!


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