The Russ and Corey Hochstaetter Wedding….

This past weekend, I had the honor of shooting Russ and Corey Hochstaetter’s wedding at the Pfister hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  Their story is a unique but awesome one.  It was all supposed to begin at a pie eating contest!  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen…….BUT……it DID happen at the wedding!! If that ain’t unique, then I don’t know what is.  They did a fantastic job of throwing a slamming party while keeping the wedding really elegant.  It all took place in the Imperial Ballroom, which is a fantastic location to create an elegant ceremony.

I’ve been looking forward to shooting this wedding for a while now.  From the efficient planning, to them being so photogenic together…….they’re they kind of couple that makes wedding photography super fun!  The weather cooperated perfectly and the couple looked amazing.  Here is a taste of what is to come from their beautiful day:

RussNCoreyWed-1 RussNCoreyWed-2 RussNCoreyWed-3 RussNCoreyWed-4 RussNCoreyWed-5 RussNCoreyWed-6
RussNCoreyWed-8 RussNCoreyWed-9 RussNCoreyWed-10 RussNCoreyWed-11 RussNCoreyWed-12 RussNCoreyWed-13 RussNCoreyWed-14

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