Owen’s 6 month shoot…….

It’s hard for me to believe that little Owen Jodat is 6 months old already (he’s actually 7 months old now).  Late last year I did Owen’s newborn shoot but I swear it seems like I did that shoot a few weeks ago.  It’s really amazing how time flies!  Being good friends with Nikki and Dave Jodat, I’ve been lucky enough to watch the little guy grow and start smiling and start rolling over on his own.  It takes me back to the days when I was watching my own little girl do the same things and I’m glad that I can be there to help Nikki and Dave record these memories.  Babies grow at an alarming rate and if you’re not careful, an entire stage of infancy can zoom by before you know it so record those memories!  It’s been a blast getting to know Owen.  Everything from those chubby little cheeks to those angry eyebrows to that beaming smile makes this little guy such a joy.  Here are a few of the pictures we took during his photo shoot.  I’ll make another blog post when I get all of the pictures done.

Owen6mo-3 DSC_7592 Owen6mo-1 Owen6mo-2


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