Looking for a place to host your photography website?

This weeks blog post will be one that could possibly be a solution you your business needs.  If you are considering starting a webpage or just need an online photo storage solution, check out Zenfolio.  My own business website is hosted there.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, head over to http://www.mtmphoto.com and take a look around.  As much as I’d like to send you there to look at my photo’s, I also want you to take a look around at how the site is laid out and how the business pages are put together.  They make it a point to make the purchasing process as simple as possible.  Another thing that I’m really pleased about is their customer service.  I try to make it a point to bend over backwards for my clients but I can honestly say that the folks over at Zenfolio do a fantastic job of treating my clients even BETTER than I do!!  Let me be clear about one thing:  I AM NOT SPONSORED BY ZENFOLIO!!!  I just want to pass on a good thing.  I only write posts like this about things that I’ve tried and used and had really good experiences with.  I actually used to be with SmugMug.  I had a lot of custom code on my site and I was really happy with it for a while.  Then, they made a bunch of behind-the-scenes changes to their websites that broke all of my custom code.  Their customer service wasn’t the best when it came to addressing these issues.  Then, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that after breaking my website, not really caring about the fact that they broke my website, they decided to restructure their pricing which jacked the price of the service I was using through the roof.  That sent me on a very unexpected search for web hosting.  After looking into Zenfolio, and deciding that they were a much better fit, I went with them.  The transition was super easy.  They had so many people who switched from SmugMug to Zenfolio that they actually had the built-in ability to import all of my photos and galleries from SmugMug to their servers.  That was the part I was dreading the most but when I saw that they had made the process easier than I could have imagined, that really sealed the deal.  Their pricing structure ranges from $30 a year to a custom, high-volume business plan tailored to your specific needs.  There are so many services than what I can explain here that I really suggest you head on over to their site and do some poking around.  Let me state once again that they do NOT sponsor me in any way so don’t think that there is any business deal going on behind the scenes between us.  If fact, the only way this will help me out is if you use my referral code:  D96-5Q4-AXZ.  The cool thing about using my referral code is that if you sign up for any of their services and take advantage of any sale they have going on, using my code gets you an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF on top of whatever you save from the sale price.  That’s a pretty cool deal right there.  So check them out and see if the services they offer will help you out at all.  If you have any questions, check out their website via the link that I gave earlier.  As always, thanks for reading this weeks post.  There are numerous things you could be doing right now but you chose to spend a few minutes with me and that is greatly appreciated!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July and I’ll see ya next week!!

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