2015 Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival

It’s amazing how time flies because, once again, it’s time for the Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival!  This event has become an annual thing for me and I look forward to shooting all the colors of the balloons every year.  This year certainly did not disappoint.  The event started at about 3pm on Friday but I didn’t get there until about 6:30 so I missed a few of the balloons lifting off but I still managed to catch a few floating away which was cool.  I mainly wanted to shoot the evening glow.  I saw this for the first time last year and have decided that I’ll be attending this part of the event on an annual basis just because they make for really unique photographs.  The event is definitely growing as there was a very noticeable increase in attendance and there were a few balloons that were new to the event this year as well.  There was a balloon with all kinds of fish stuck to it and octopus appendages sticking out of it.  It was super cool looking so I made sure to get a number of good shots of that one.

If you remember last year, I was able to sneakily ease my way under the rope to get onto the balloon side of things and get a closer look of the event.  Last year, I was amazed by the nonchalantness of the other photographers that walked underneath the rope as if it was where they belonged.  Well, this year, I was one of those photographers.  As soon as I got there, I made my way back to that corner where photographers make their way to the less populated side of the rope and just proceeded to stroll on under the rope.  There were already a few photographers there and a good number of people followed me under the rope so I don’t think it’s a secret at all now.  I doubt its even a big deal because halfway through the evening glow, they let the crowd mingle with the balloons anyway.  Having the few minutes of shooting time with out the crowds scurrying about is nice.  Last year, I set a goal for myself to make my way INTO a balloon for a ride.  We’ll since I got there a bit later than I should have, I didn’t get the chance to chat my way into a balloon so the ride didn’t happen this year.  That goal is still on my photographer bucket list and I’ll be making sure I get there early enough to have a decent chance at talking my way into a balloon for a ride.  Fingers are crossed.  Until then, I’ve posted a few images below and you can see the entire gallery here.  As always, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.  Again, I must ask my readers for a favor.  Tell people about my blog.  Yes it does help my business but I also try to make informative posts that help both potential clients and other photographers so please share my blog posts on social media platforms and tell other people to stop by.  I want to help familiarize the world with some of the processes in photography and teach someone who may be looking for some help.  Teaching this stuff also helps me learn more.  Again, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next week.

HotAir-3 HotAir-14 HotAir-4 HotAir-21 HotAir-37 HotAir-40 HotAir-49

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