Hochstaetter wedding photos are POSTED!!!

The pictures from Corey and Russ’s wedding are complete and posted!  This was a really fun wedding to shoot and we ended up with a LOT of great images.  Now that they’re finished, looking at the finished images, I’m REALLY happy with how they turned out.  I know I’ve said this before but Corey and Russ really did make taking pictures very easy.   There is definitely a collection of all of the different expressions and moods experienced throughout the day and I feel like when Corey and Russ go through the images, they’ll relive an accurate experience of the anxiety felt pre-ceremony to the excitement of the gorgeous ceremony to the party at the reception and all the beautiful moments in between.  So without further adieu, I give you Corey and Russ’s Wedding Gallery.

RussNCorey2-2 RussNCoreyKE-24 RussNCorey2-22 RussNCorey0334 RussNCoreyKE-15 RussNCorey0456 RussNCoreyBB-4 RussNCoreyKE-39 RussNCoreyKE-40 RussNCoreyf-52

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