The Amy and Shaun Yaklich Wedding…

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Amy and Shaun Yaklich at the Racine Marriott.  I’ve known them and their family for a while so it was great to be a part of this event.  Amy and Shaun had a smaller ceremony that was immeasurably beautiful in its simplicity.  Mother Nature did a fine job of providing some warm, beautiful weather for the outdoor ceremony.  We then went to the Petrified Springs Park for pictures with the wedding party.  One of the highlights for me was after the pictures at the park.  We stopped at Georgie Porgies on the way back to the hotel for an ice cream break.  I don’t know why it isn’t tradition to put one of these breaks in the middle of a wedding day because that was an absolutely BRILLIANT idea.  It was a welcomed opportunity to sit down, enjoy a glorious chocolate shake and rest my brain and get myself back to neutral after several hours on my feet.  We then headed back to the hotel for the grand parade and the reception (which included a SMORES BAR….as if it wasn’t awesome enough!!) which was a complete blast to be a part of.  I’m honored to be able to help Amy and Shaun capture the memories from this amazing day.  Here is a sample of what is to come from this fantastic day.

AmyNShaunB-10 AmyNShaunB-8 AmyNShaunB-7 AmyNShaunB-6 AmyNShaunB-9 AmyNShaunB-4 AmyNShaunB-5 AmyNShaunB-2 AmyNShaunB-12


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