Back to School………

It’s about that time of year when as we head to work in the morning, we start to see kids of all ages begin to stroll their way out to the bus stops.  This is the unfortunate book-end to the summer which means no more mid-week sleep overs, no more staying up until midnight, and the dreaded H-word……..HOMEWORK.  This is also the time of year when high school seniors begin to think about taking senior pictures.  I’m going to hopefully make this search a bit easier.  I’m having a Back to School sale for the entire month of September.  This Back to School sale doesn’t only apply to senior portraits.  The sale applies to ALL family portraits.  If you have a senior at home who is interested in straying away from the cookie cutter senior pictures and wants to take pictures that fits them personally, then I’m your guy.  If you have been thinking about getting the family together and taking advantage to the upcoming fall colors by taking a wall worth picture together, then I’m also your guy for that!!  From now until September 30th, MTM Photography will be offering a 15% discount off of the booking fee for ALL portrait sessions.  Any portrait session booked between now and September 30th will receive the discount so give me a call at (414)758-1311, or shoot me an email at and get your session booked now!  For more info on booking a session, look here.


AmyNShaun--2 NikkiNDave2-20 Wilk-16-2175035588-O MattedPhoto018

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