How To Prepare For Your Senior Pictures

A successful senior portrait session is a result of teamwork between the photographer and the senior.  There are some things to consider if you want to ensure that you get the pictures that you’ll be proud to have displayed in your high school yearbook.


You’ll want to bring several outfits that are both casual and formal.  Make sure they all are comfortable and accurately reflect your personality. Anything that will be seen in front of the camera needs to be thought out so coordinate the outfits from head to toe.  The colors need to be in the same tonal range so don’t mix lights and darks in the same outfit.  Try to select two or three complementing solid colors in tones such as greens, blues, purples, burgundies, khakis, black, navy and denim.  Avoid patterns that look busy as they will create a distraction in the portrait.  Try to put together outfits that compliment a lighter/darker background.  Medium to dark colors look best with dark backgrounds while medium to light colors look best with lighter backgrounds.  Earth tones work well with outdoor locations.



Wear your hair in a style that you’re very comfortable with.  If you try a new style, you’ll be self-conscious about it and that will show in the images.  Men should make sure hair is freshly trimmed and facial hair is neatly trimmed.  Bring a couple convenient hair care/styling products just in case something needs to be quickly adjusted.


Minor scars and blemishes can be fixed in post processing so don’t worry about them too much.  Sunburn and tan lines are a lot harder to fix so try to avoid them as much as possible.  Make-up should be kept simple and natural looking so no glitter or sparkles.  Fingernails and toenails may be visible in some of the pictures so make sure they are trimmed and freshly polished (if applicable).



Jewelry should be kept simple.  Jewelry shouldn’t be a distraction in the image.  Try to wear jewelry that compliments the outfit.


Props are an important aspect and should be something that is a major part of your life and personality.  If music is a major part of your life, bring a musical instrument.  If you’re an athlete, wear a jersey, bring some equipment, or take the pictures on the field/court of your sport.  Feel free to bring a letter jacket from your school.  If your into cars or motorcycles, take pictures with them.  Including props that are important to you tends to help you be more comfortable in front of the camera and make the images more unique.


Senior portraits should be a fun, memorable time in every seniors life.  Hopefully these tips help make the preparation easier and help you get the pictures that you really want.

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