How NOT to take lunar eclipse photos…….

This weeks blog post will demonstrate that photographers aren’t perfect.  Sometimes, we have brain farts and just don’t get the shot.  On Sunday, 9/27 we had the privilege of watching an amazing lunar eclipse on a crystal clear evening.  I was all set up in a wide open field with my camera and tripod.  I had my long zoom and teleconverter set up and was ready to rock!  I had my remote set up to trigger the shutter co I could get the sharpest images possible with the low shutter speeds I was shooting at.  I took my first couple shots while the shadow was making its way across the moon.  Those turned out the way I wanted .


I was feeling good thinking that I was about to get some great images that evening.  Enter the aforementioned brain fart.  As the shadow covered more and more of the moon, the amount of available light, of course, decreased.  As the light decreased, I dropped my shutter speed a bit.  Unfortunately, had I been thinking, I would’ve realized that the moon actually scoots across the sky faster than most people think.  If  you drop your shutter speed too much, you’ll get motion blur from the moon’s travel as I did in this shot.


I should’ve bumped my ISO up instead so that the sensor in the camera would’ve been more sensitive to the available light and my shutter speed would’ve still been fast enough to get the detail in the moon’s surface.  This is stuff I definitely should’ve thought about and I’m a bit ticked at myself for missing it.  This just goes to show that while photographers can get the shots that people cherish for a lifetime, we aren’t perfect and miss the shot every now and then.  Just make sure that the shot you miss isn’t one that you’re being paid to get!  As always, thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with me and I’ll see you next week!

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