Dee and Jason’s Engagement Shoot

Last week, I got the opportunity to shoot Dee and Jason’s engagement pictures.  I’ve has the pleasure of knowing Dee and Jason for a while.  Dee is actually my wedding second shooter and is an amazing person that I’m very fortunate to know.  n Jason for years and is a great guy so I’m honored to be able to shoot their wedding.  This shoot was an interesting one as we were trying to time the shoot to coincide with the peak of fall colors, but of course, good ol’ Mother Nature wanted to throw us a curveball.  We had to plan this one strategically since Rain was in the forecast so we got the shoot in on a Friday morning.  I was hoping to get blue skies and some good, early morning light but we got overcast skies.  Overcast skies actually aren’t the worst think in the world because the clouds act as a natural light diffuser and you get really nice, even light across your subject.  You just don’t get the dramatic background that you would with a blue sky.  We had no problem making it work and got some really good images that I’ve been very happy with so far.  Here are a few of the images from the shoot.  I’ll make a post in a couple of weeks when the entire shoot is complete.

JayandDee-4 JayandDee-2 JayandDee-5

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