My most favoritest photo I’ve ever taken

In the past, I’ve been asked about my most favorite image out of all the ones I’ve taken.  You would think that I would choose a picture from a beautiful wedding I’ve had the honor of shooting, or maybe a precious moment between a newborn and mother.  The truth is, my favorite image on earth is one that I took years before I even got really serious about photography.  I didn’t have a DSLR.  I had no clue what composition was, nor did I care.   You could’ve told me about how bad the lighting was and you would’ve gotten a blank stare from me.  My favorite photo is truly a snapshot.  The thing is, it doesn’t even matter.

While it is important to know the technical aspects of photography if you call yourself a photographer, the truth is that photography is all about capturing the moments that mean something to you.  That moment doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else on earth, but if it means something to you, and there is an emotional connection between you and the image, then that’s good photography.  I believe that photography is the most important because that is what makes photography a joy.  When you can look back at an image a decade later and feel the same emotions you felt when the image was a week old, that is what photography is really about.  That image probably won’t win any competitions, but who cares.  That image takes you back to a moment in time that means more to you that any trophy from a contest ever would.

My favorite picture ever is a picture of my daughter, Brianna, and my dog, Chico.  Brianna is about 4 years old and Chico is really only several months old.  I was sitting at my computer desk while Brianna was playing with Chico on the couch.  For some reason, they both got nosy at the exact same time.  I had a little Kodak point-and-shoot camera at the time and as they both stood up on the couch to see what I was doing, something told me to snap a quick picture of the two.  I’m really glad I did.  The image really was a clue as to what the future held.  They both are still just as nosy but they both have brought so much joy to my life over the years.  Looking at this photo reminds me of just how fast time flies.  Brianna is now much older and Chico has slowed down considerably.  They’ve both grown so much but in some ways, they’re exactly what I remember from the picture.  Here is what I consider to be, my best photo.



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