Headshot Portfolio

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been grinding away putting together my new portfolio.  This portfolio will showcase headshot work for models, actors, and business professionals who can benefit from having professional headshots done.  Whether the purpose be for submission to talent or modeling agents or improving your visual brand, I believe having professional headshots can be essential.  It’s important to have a visual brand that presents you in the best light, with an up-to-date look.

You are always representing your business in one way or another. As an actor or a model, you ARE your business.  As a business professional, you might be in a position to interact with other businesses or  the general public.  A professional headshot will help build confidence and professionalism in your business and make your clients (both businesses and public) comfortable knowing they can expect that high level of professionalism from you.

Think about it for a moment, if you are a business professional and are looking for a new supplier and found that a certain company was a very viable supplier, but the CEO had an unprofessional iphone headshot in casual clothes, would you be confident in your expectations with that company?  If you are an actor or a model, would you even think about using a selfie taken in your bathroom mirror as your headshot to submit to agents?  As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure you show yourself the in the professional manner you truly need to be seen in, especially when these days, your first impression is made online.

Here is a sample of the headshot work that I provide.  If you are interested in having professional headshots done, I can be contacted at (414)758-1311 or at Lekan@mtmphoto.com.

Corey-1 ChawnaHS-1 Evans-16 Corrie-2

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