Black and White Portraiture…….

Last week, I talked about some of the more artistic work that I’ve been doing.  My growth in artistic portraiture has led me to have a strong interest in black and white photography.  I feel like black and white portraits grab you emotionally a bit more than color portraits because they strip all the elements of a photo down to the fundamentals.  If a photo can be stripped of its color and still be just as, if not more emotionally impactful as its color counterpart, that photo will stick with me a bit more.  A power black and white portrait requires a few key elements:  a strong connection to the subject’s eyes, a background/location that has the least amount of distractions as possible, and proper lighting to emphasize what viewer’s eye is meant to be drawn to.  There are certainly more requirements but I think these are a few of the most important.  Done properly, a simple black and white image can create a breathtaking image that captures the mood, creates emotion, and the very best ones can expose the essence of the subject.  I would say that I’m in a creative growth period right now.  Here are a few examples of some black and white work that I’m doing and I’ll post more as the growth continues.  As always, thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me.  I’ll see ya next week!

CoryBW-2 EvansBW-1 Chawna-8 CoryBW-5

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