Walking the walk……

This weeks post is going to be quick.  For the past few weeks, I’ve talked a lot about entrepreneurship and growing your business.  I’ve posted a couple of highly motivational articles from Gary V that reinforce the fact that complaining gets you no where.  Get up and DO SOMETHING.  It’s time for me to walk that walk.  I didn’t get into this photography business to be mediocre.  I got into this for two reasons:  Because I love what I do, and because I want to help other photographers be successful at their craft.  There’s room in this business for all of us.  For the next few weeks, when I’m not taking pictures, I’ll be growing my brand and growing the social media presence of my brand.  It’ll be a learning process but I refuse to lose.  If I fail, then I just learned how not to do it right.  You’ll see some major changes happening soon and I’ll talk about the changes and why I made them along the way.  I’m really excited about what the future holds so buckle up, hold on, and enjoy this ride!!

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