Why getting the “quick set” of headshots isn’t a good idea…..

When I hear a client say that “I just need a quick set of headshots”, I cringe!  A “quick set” of headshots will produce “quick set” quality.  The lighting in the images will look off, if they are even prepares at all, the poses will look staged, and most importantly, the subject will be lacking the connection with the photographer that creates the authentic look that casting directors want.

You headshots are supposed to represent your best version of you to casting directors.  Just like how a resume is what gets a job applicant noticed, your headshot is what gets you noticed.  You wouldn’t rush your resume so why rush your headshot?

Before you even schedule your headshot, you need to do a bit of research to determine what looks are important in your market.  Your talent agent should be able to help you out with that information.  If you don’t yet have representation, there are classes you can take to learn about and determine your specific target market.  From there you can put together a game plan of looks, wardrobe choices, and photographers that are able to create the look that you’re after.

A quick set of headshots will also be more expensive for you.  You’re going to pay a photographer to rush through a shoot to get you your “quick set” of headshots only to find out that your phone isn’t ringing.  Your headshots don’t fit the description of anything that casting directors are looking for because you didn’t take the time to tailor your looks to your market.  You come to the realization that maybe you’ll have to put a bit more into your headshots which means doing the aforementioned research and then paying a photographer AGAIN for what you could’ve gotten the first time.

Remember, nothing of any substantial value or importance can be attained by rushing.  If you’re going to get headshots done, you might as well knock them out of the park the first time.  As the photographer, it’s our job to produce the photos that will get you work.  The more detail oriented info we can learn from you about what your needs are, the better the outcome will be.

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