The single most important thing you can do to make sure your headshots don’t suck…..

If you are an actor and you walk into a studio or you sit down on-location to have your headshots done by a professional photographer, you are practically GUARANTEED to take fantastic photos if you can remember one thing:  Headshots are NOT about being pretty, they’re about being YOU!

If you hand your agent your brand new headshot, and the first thing that they notice is you making an effort to be pretty, don’t be surprised when you’re told that you’re re-shooting your headshots.  Why?  There’s a simple answer for that.  If you’re thinking about being pretty, you’re not thinking about letting your personality shine.

Don’t get me wrong.  If you’re a model, you are ALL ABOUT the pretty headshots.  Actors won’t get cast for a single job just because they are pretty.  If you have a pretty face (guy or gal) BUILD upon that and show that your pretty face isn’t your only selling point.  Show that you can be the character actor they need you to be, if needed.  Show them that your personality has the depth that your agent needs to be able to SELL YOU.  When you can show depth, while being authentic, not only will you get calls for the type of auditions that fit you, but you’ll actually have a realistic chance at getting called back after the audition!

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