Chris and Amy’s Engagement Shoot……

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to shoot engagement pictures for Chris and Amy.  I’ve known Chris for almost twenty years now (which makes me feel REALLY old, btw).  Chris and I are a couple of gearheads that met while heading to northern Illinois for a car club meet.  Our group of gearhead friends have stayed pretty tight over the years.  While we may not have kept in constant contact, when we do connect, good times are had by all!  I was really happy for him when I heard that he was engaged and was honored when he asked me to shoot his engagement pictures.  I was even happier for him when I finally met Amy.  She’s absolutely awesome and they make a fantastic couple.

We decided on a few locations for the shoot but the weather really wasn’t agreeing with us.  We had to reschedule once due to what seemed like a torrential downpour.  When we did meet up for the shoot, we were greeted with some pretty cloudy skies.  The clouds actually helped produce some really even light so we had a great time walking around the 3rd Ward and the Lakeshore State Park areas.  I promised them a few teasers after the shoot so without further adieu, I give you a few pictures from Chris and Amy’s engagement shoot!

AmyNChris-1 AmyNChris-4 AmyNChris-2

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