Guided By the Light…….


As much as my blood gets pumping when I’m in the studio shooting portraits, I come to terms with the fact that I have another love.  Anybody who I would consider a friend knows that I have an infatuation with the outdoors.  I’m completely fine spending a few days a week out on a lake, doing some fishing or every weekend in a tree during the fall, doing some hunting.  As a photographer, not only do I enjoy the sporty aspect of the outdoors, but I also enjoy just taking a moment to enjoy the spectacular views that nature presents.  This picture is definitely my favorite outdoors picture.  I grabbed this pic after a long day of fishing.  The sun was setting and had cast this brilliant golden light across the sky.  This was a moment I could not pass up.  I ran and grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots with some different compositions.  This ended up being my favorite.

One thing I’ve noticed after having spent several years in this industry is the fact that when you put a piece of work on display, one of the first questions many other photographers ask is “What were your settings?”.  The truth is, my settings don’t matter.  You honestly don’t even need a DSLR to capture great images.  You can get stunning images with a point-and-shoot camera.  For example, there is a camera on the market now called the Light L16 that is probably one of the most technologically advanced point-and-shoots that I’ve ever seen.    If you can find beautiful light, this little marvel of a point-and-shoot will help you capture it.  The key here is finding the beautiful light.  If you can put yourself in front of astonishing light, and you know what your camera needs to do to capture it beautifully, then you can create a breathtaking image.  Knowing WHY you need the settings you need is more important than the settings themselves.  When you know that, and you can apply that knowledge on the fly, only the light matters!

As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out this week’s post and I look forward to talking to ya next week!

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